Product Range

Available in South Africa in the following colours: Bronze, Blue-Grey, Terracotta, Ivory and Transparent







Stone Art

Stone art is a white powder that is mixed with Powertex to create an air dry clay. Lovely for children to make figurines and for the artist that needs something specific on a canvas. Stone Art gives a beautiful stone effect once polished by hand or with a soft cloth.
To obtain a air dry clay mix the Powertex and Stone Art 1:1 and knead the substance until you have a firm mixture comparable to kneading dough. Once the clay no longer sticks to your hands it is ready to be used. With this unique clay one can model or mould by applying layers of Stone Art and adding structure to your design. The easiest way to work is by using a pre-shaped figure made from polystyrene, paper machè, wood or by bending wire into a figurine and building that up with tinfoil and covering with masking tape. Drape fabric dipped in Powertex and/or add Stone Art as you wish.

Pigment And Colortricx

We also have a beautiful range of pigments and metallic colours called “colortricx”, eg. silver, clear gold, rich gold, bronze gold, copper etc. These are used to highlight areas of your design. By dipping your brush into a little varnish mixed with a very small amount of Colortricx, dry brush the areas that need to be highlighted.



Forgot to clean the Powertex off under your 1kg Powertex lid?  Don’t worry just use our  Powertex Spanner. It’s as easy as  one, two, three….. and you are powertexing again.