“Change is defined by people who use Powertex”

What is Powertex?

Powertex was started by Brigitte Grade and was launched in Belgium in September 2001 after being tested extensively for 6 months by crafters and artists.

Powertex is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, highly versatile, water-based hardener that is used by artists and hobbyists worldwide. Powertex is compatible with paper, textile, leather, cardboard, fibreglass, wood, sand, Stone Art etc.  Powertex will transform textiles into masterpieces. It is a remarkable adhesive.

Powertex is very easy to work on canvas to exhibit 3 dimensional works. When using Powertex Transparent and a piece of  fabric with motives on, the motives will remain in the original shape. To colour Powertex is very easy, just add Powertex colour pigment of your choice. Statues and designs made with Powertex can also be painted with oil paint or a varnish mixed with power colour pigments.

Powertex is a liquid medium that is ready to be used straight from the container. Powertex can be brushed onto items or dipped directly into the product. Powertex remains flexible for quite a while (depending on temperature).  Treated fabric can be draped, folded and manipulated into many different ways. Powertex takes about 2 weeks to cure although it will be dry to the touch within  an hour or two.

Old T-Shirts, sheets, kiddie clothes and especially absorbent fabrics are excellent for Powertex. If you want to make a garden statue, no problem. Just varnish once dry and it will remain as is, for many years to come.

Powertex has undergone extensive testing and has been awarded the AP Seal which means that it has been found to be non-toxic for adults and children.

Who Enjoys Working With Powertex?

Any artist or crafter will enjoy using Powertex. Add some Stone Art to your Powertex and you have a beautiful air-dry clay that can be used to sculpt or for making beautiful pieces of jewellery. Stone art is very versatile and gives a beautiful stone finish to objects once polished. Your masterpiece can be varnished with  acrylic varnish once completed. If you don’t have time to use all the clay just store in an air tight container and continue later. It will remain as good as new.

 What is REACh?

REACh is the new European legislation on the distribution and use of chemicals.

REACh stands for :





All chemical substances that are being distributed or imported in the European Union in quantities over 1 ton a year need to be registered.  Only a few chemicals, that are already regulated in the existing European legislation on foodand pharmaceuticals are exempt from registration.

Chemicals that are not registered or pre-registered may no longer be distributed, imported or produced in the European Union from the 1st of January 2009.

Powertex and REACh?

We believe that legislation and laws like REACh are made to protect people and the environment. Therefore, we do everything to support this legislation.  In its 11 years of history, Powertex always has and always will take responsibility and work according the strictest of international standards.

We make no exception for REACh and are as ready as we can be at this moment. Powertex also has the highest American Safety label. This confirmation is the crown on our work. The USA is very strict regarding the import of foreign products. Especially when the product is suitable for use in the educational sector. The American AP Safety label is known worldwide as the best.